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A 2007-graduate from the Kiné-concept Institute in Swedish kinetic (therapeutic) massage, Stephanie keeps deepening her knowledge by combining several courses focusing on the well-being of the human body.
After 2 years as a beneficiary attendant, she undergoes a 3-year training in nursing, and finally decides to go full-time in massage therapy.
Always eager to learn more, she graduates in 2015 in Masso-Kinesiotherapy, as well as in Fasciatherapy and Passive Mobilization.
Curious, energetic and always caring about her patients’ well-being, she will not hesitate to push her questioning further in order to perfect her understanding of biomechanics, of pathologies from which the human suffers, while always keeping a holistic vision.
Smiling, she will welcome you with warmth and with a sincere desire to work with you for your well-being.