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Marie-Philippe Boudreault definitely has a special gift when it comes to understanding people’s pain. Dynamic, perfectionist and caring, she’s been working in a physiotherapy private setting since she got her degree as a physiotherapy technician in 2010. Always wanting to learn more and more, she decided she wanted to acquire more knowledge on the different systems composing the human body, so she decided to start studying osteopathy for 6 years. She finally graduated in 2018 with honors! She has an interest in treating cranial conditions causing for instance headaches, migraines, and jaw problems. Also, visceral conditions are of Marie-Philippe’s interest: digestions problems, stomach pain, or gastric reflux are just a few examples of conditions she can have a positive impact on with her expert hands. Good listener and attentive to your needs, she will always try her best to provide you with the best quality treatments.

Marie-Philippe is a full member of the OPPQ (ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec) and a full member of the RITMA association (osteopathy association).


Physiotherapy technician and osteopath


College degree (CÉGEP) - Technique de réadaptation physique
5th year graduate in Osteopathy
Continuing education on therapeutic ultrasounds
Continuing education on scientific research