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Good listener and always very empathic, Andrée-Anne loves to work with people and help them reach their goals. University of Ottawa graduate since 2013 in public health, she has always been interested health care disciplines. She then completed her masters degree in physiotherapy at the University of Ottawa in 2015.
Her studies has brought her to be able to integrate all areas having a direct or indirect impact on health, which allows her to come with personalized and holistic treatment plans for all her patients. With a particular interest in the vestibular rehabilitation (dizziness, vertigo and inner ear conditions), motor control, the McKenzie approach (repeated movements therapy), and the pelvic floor rehabilitation (urinary incontinence, pergnancy follow ups, etc.),  Andrée-Anne has more than one trick up her sleeve to make you better. Kind and always with a big smile on her face, Andrée-Anne likes challenges and solving complex puzzles. She will not hesitate to work on the hardest cases !

Andrée-Anne is a full member of the OPPQ (ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec).




Specialized bachelor degree in health sciences (public health) (2013)
Masters in health sciences - Physiotherapy (2015)
Classification of lumbar pathologies (Baram Jam) (2015)
McKenzie part A - Lumbar Spine (2015)
McKenzie part B - Cervical Spine (2016)
Advance course on vestibular rehabilitation (2016)
Assessment and treatment of the themporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) in a physiotherapy setting (2016)
Pelvi-perineal reeducation : female urinary incontinence (2017) + dyspareunia and male urinary incontinence (2017)