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Physiotherapy and Ultrasounds

During your physiotherapy treatments, it may happen that your condition can be treated with an electrotherapy modalities, such as ultrasounds. This machine transforms electricity into sound waves to treat various physical conditions.

This painless tool uses acoustic waves, at inaudible frequencies by the human ear, in order to induce either mechanical, thermal, athermic or anti-inflammatory effects inside the tissues.

Action Mechanism

Ultrasound, with the appropriate adjustment of the parameters, create sound waves and thus a mechanical action, which acts inside the tissues and the cells. This effect creates a kind of molecular micro-massage inside the tissues that promotes healing by activating the processes of cellular regeneration. It can have an anti-inflammatory effect by further activating the maturation of the tissues after an acute injury. Also, the parameters can be adjusted in order to induce an increase in heat at the sites to be treated by an increase in the softness of the collagen fibers in the soft tissues.


Ultrasound can be used to treat various musculoskeletal problems, such as tendinitis, joint stiffness, fractures, edema, inflammation, muscle spasms etc. Your physiotherapist will adjust the settings of the device to create the desired effect inside the body.

In summary

Briefly, the ultrasound machine may be used in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatment modalities to activate the healing of the damaged tissues or to assist in the softening thereof, in a painless manner for the patient.

Marie-Ève Lévesque