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Laval Kinesiology Services


A kinesiologist is a health care professional that specialises in injury and disease prevention. With his/her interventions, he/she focuses on every aspects of your health to prevent injuries, maximize performance, and increase your overall health.

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To help you maximize your health the kinesiologist will assess:

  • Your life habits
  • Your risk to develop a cardiovascular condition
  • Your body composition
  • Your muscle strength
  • Your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory capacity
  • Your flexibility
  • Your balance
  • Your eating habits (globally, with a potential referral to a dietitian/nutritionist)
    Your posture
  • Your gait and running pattern

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Who can benefit from kinesiology?

You are about to retire and want to be in your best shape for your new activities to come? You are overweight and want to take your health into your hands? You are 7 year old, but you know you are the future Wayne Gretzky? Kinesiology can help you!


Asymptomatic people

meaning without any injury or illness

You used to be very active until you had your children, and now every time you try to get back to training you injure yourself or lack motivation? You’ve reached a dead end: on one side you think sports might not be for you since you always injure yourself, but on the other side everyone in the health care system keeps reminding you how exercise is essential. Simply know that physical activity is indeed essential, but that there are ways to keep you motivated and uninjured. That’s where our kinesiologist comes in to help.

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Symptomatic people

meaning with a musculoskeletal injury or an illness

To every television athlete: you are the great champions of the remote control, but your extra weight is weighing you down and causing you some troubles in your favorite sport. Diabetes, high cholesterol levels, bigger waistline, high blood pressure… not even talking about the low back pain that doesn’t seem to want to leave your side. If your medication cocktail is annoying you and you know you need to become more active and you don’t know where to start… ask on of our kinesiologists to help!

Symptomatic people can often experience depression, anxiety, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and osteoarthritis, autonomy loss on a daily basis, nutrition dysfonctions, etc. You must know that physical activity can help you get rid of most of those conditions! Moving can simply and efficiently make a difference in your life. A kinesiologist can help you reach your goals, set up strategies to get there and personalize a training program that will put you back in shape!

To all of those who suffer from a work related injury or a motor vehicle accident and that experience a decrease in their overall energy level to complete day to day activities, just know that a kinesiologist might just be what you need to help you get back to your normal self. Joint with physiotherapy programs, kinesiology will help soothe your musculoskeletal pains.


Active people who want to improve their performance

Regardless of age and skills, if you like sports you like performance! It doesn’t get any better than a personal trainer! The kinesiologist is able to perform a biomechanical analysis specific to your sport or analyze your running pattern in order to improve your performances as much as possible.

Biomechanical movement analysis:

The biomechanical movement analysis is a specific test that looks at all the different phases of a movement. The analysis looks at the muscular, joint and control components of the movement and allows the kinesiologist to target areas that would benefit from further training.


Running is a sport that has become very popular over the years and its popularity continues to grow. It is a sport where the biomechanical movement analysis can be used. Our kinesiologist, Caroline, is herself a big runner. On the road, on a trail or around obstacles, she craves the speed and the adrenaline she gets from running. Athlete and health care professional, she specializes in sports interventions. Certified from The Running Clinic she will be able to answer even your most precise questions and guide you into this beautiful sport. Running pattern analysis, muscle strength testing, cardiovascular endurance examination, these are just few of the tests she might perform to help you maximize your running skills. She will then present you a personalized training program, help you find the right running shoe for you, and guide you with her personal experience.

Sports teams:

You are in charge of a sports team? At Physiomedic we can help build your skills with our multidisciplinary team. By joining physiotherapy and kinesiology, we insure continuity in our personalized treatments. We can be present during your sports events and act directly on the field when an injury occurs, as well as follow with prior injuries already treated at the clinic.Optimized rehabilitation… that’s what we know best!

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