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History of massage therapy

Texts and illustrations of Chinese and Indian cultures suggest that massage therapy would be 4000 years old.

For the Greeks, beauty and physical education were very important so the massage was a big part of this culture. Moreover, the Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 BC . AD) used a lot of massage therapy in his treatments.

During the Middle Age and part of the Renaissance, massage therapy has been banned by the Church. The discipline was however reintroduced in physician practice towards the end of the Renaissance.

The discovery of blood circulation by William Harvey in the 17th century and the early studies by Pierre Adolphe Piorry on the effects of massage therapy in 1818 were later allowed to massage therapy to evolve and become more and more important in society and in the health field.

From 1960 to 1970, massage therapy experienced a revival due to technological and pharmacological changes that have occurred in our society.

Nowadays, massage therapy has an obvious place in health aesthetics and recreation fields. It is increasingly recognized and valued. Although it now combines different approaches, different ways of thinking and different maneuvers, the many benefits of massage therapy remain the same.