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Rotator cuff tear

In our physiotherapy practice, we often have to deal with painful shoulders. Different conditions can occur at the shoulder, but rotator cuff tears are a very common one. In this blog, we will review the anatomy of the shoulder and further discuss the implication of such a tear. In people over 60 years old, this […]

Motion is lotion!

My doctor told me that the repetitive jumps in running would damage my knees, so I am now too old to run. I’m over 65, tennis is over for me, with all these sudden stops … my back is not going to take it. After 65 years, only the gentle aerobics is good for the […]

Quand ça ne marche pas rond : petit guide pour utiliser certaines aides à la marche

  Se blesser et ne plus pouvoir marcher est certainement l’une des choses les plus incapacitantes. Que ce soit suite à une blessure ou à une chirurgie, voir sa mobilité réduite est tout un défi… surtout quand on ne sait pas comment utiliser une canne ou des béquilles! Voici donc un petit guide facile et […]

Avoid Missteps: A Small Guide on How to Use Some Walking Aids

To be injured and not be able to walk is certainly one of the most debilitating things. Whether due to an injury or surgery, reduced mobility is a challenge in everyday life … especially when we do not know how to use a cane or crutches to help ourselves! Here is a little easy and […]